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Target Apartment Dwellers by Specific Apartment Complex

With our Apartment Mailing Lists, you can Target Specific Complexes and even target the Apartment Complexes by the monthly rental amount paid.

Just Email Us the Complex Name & Address for each Complex you would like to target. We will then send you back counts with the number of units per complex.


Target Apartment Dwellers by Zip Code, or by Radius

With our Occupant Address Data, we can also tailor your Apartment Mailing List by Zip Code or by Carrier Route or from a Center Radius.

Additional selections that can be incorporated using our Occupant Data are Median Age, Median Income, Length of Residency and Ethnicity.

Please send us your parameters & we will respond with a count that meets your requirements.


Target Apartment Dwellers with 100% Names & Addresses

Pinpoint only Apartment Renters where we have Current Names & Addresses available with our Apartment Dweller Consumer Data. 100% of these records will have the Names & Addresses of the Apartment Renter. Also, Age, Income, Length of Residency, Gender and Marital Status can be incorporated into the Apartment List at no additional charge.

Print & Mailing Services


We have templates to make print & mailing one-click easy

Self-serve, easy do-it-yourself

Professionally designed templates


Email Broadcast to Apartment Renters

Apartmentlists.net also has Email Data Address Data available for Apartment Renters, “approximately 2.2 million throughout the USA”. We can supply any 1 Million of these Email Records for $2499.00, and we can broadcast to these Apartment Renters for $899.00 for every 1 Million.

Target Apartment Dwellers by Telephone

We have a little over 2.54 Million Apartment Renters in the USA with DNC Scrubbed Phones Numbers and for Market Research customers another 2.58 Million Apartment Renters in the USA with Phone Numbers that are on The DNC Database. Please call us with pricing inquiries.

Printing and Mailing Services

ApartmentLists.net can also Print and Mail¬† Jumbo Full Color 6 x 9 postcards color on both sides, heavy, “stand-out-in-the-mailbox” 15pt card stock, aqueous gloss coating. Any 5000 Printed and Mailed for 43 cents each with your Print Ready Post Card Design.

Testimonials: Also please have a look at our Testimonials.  We have hundreds of happy customers who have used our various Mailing List Services.

Additional Databases: We also have Multiple Databases that we offer for your Direct Marketing Needs, please have a look at what we offer here.

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